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Andrew Thompson

Poker legend Andrew Thompson enriches players with his immense knowledge and mastery, empowering them to transcend limits and master the nuances of online poker.

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Benjamin Clark

As a seasoned writer and lifelong gambler, Benjamin Clark crafts vivid narratives and expert insights that engage readers and guide them through the dynamic world of online casinos.

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Dana Nikolic

Casino gaming expert Dana Nikolic simplifies complex concepts into practical insights that guide players through the intricate world of casinos. She is our core writer at High Roller Gambling USA.

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Ken Black

As the Bonus Bounty Hunter, Ken Black tirelessly unearths the most rewarding casino bonuses so you as a player can maximize gaming value and boost your experience.

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Petar Popovic

Slots expert Petar Popovic leverages his passion and decade of iGaming experience to guide players on exciting adventures through the dazzling universe of slot games.

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Victoria Sterling

Victoria Sterling is a rising star writer who creates vibrant, insightful narratives that bring fresh perspectives and excitement to the world of online casinos.

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William Carrington

As a former dealer bringing insider expertise, William Carrington unravels the intricacies of table games to mentor players in mastering card and dice strategies.

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